onsdag 4. mars 2015


Last autumn, I wrote about the Polish release of the Norwegian graphic novel (okay, more like a graphic novella) "Moskva" (Moscow), co-created by Norwegian writer/artist Øystein Runde and up-and-coming cartoonist Ida Neverdahl a.k.a. JellyVampire, the latter of which is already gaining an international audience.

"Moskva" was originally published in Norwegian in December 2013. Runde and Neverdahl were guests at KomMissia in Moscow, Russia’s main comic festival, in May the same year. The comic is based on their fairly subjective impressions of the festival and of Moscow and modern Russia in general.

It makes sense in context (art by Ida Neverdahl)

The book is now getting an English translation, courtesy of international publishing house Centrala. To commemorate this event, I was planning on translating and publishing my own review of the comic from December 2013, only to discover that Centrala had already done the job for me! You can find the translated text here