tirsdag 17. juni 2014


Peter Bagge of Hate fame was the main attraction of this year's festival. He made it clear that he regards the nineties as his giolden age, but still makes comics to this day. His most recent work is the comics biography of Margaret Sanger. Above, he's seen discussing his career. Below, he's seen signing comics for fans. 

Sascha Hommer (from the left) and Olivia Vieweg, two of Germany's most interesting comics book writers/artists both turned out to have a very rich and diverse bibliography.

Eritrean-born Josef Yohannes (from the left) is Norway's first succesful black comics creator. He is the creator of the superhero Urban Legend.  

Aino Sutinen is a representative of the Finnish Comics Society. Finland has a rich comics enviroment, and Finnish creators frequently make themselves seen at Oslo Comics Expo.

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