torsdag 8. januar 2015

2015, NOW WHAT?

The website had a good year. We increased the number of festival visits, field stories and interviews, and I established an English language blog for Serienett, after having wanted to make something like that for a few good years now.

After leaving this blog to wither for roughly for a month, it’s time to get back into action, and I start by making a few New Year’s resolutions.

As I was writing these, cartoons suddenly became major world news in a most tragic way. So I put this text and began writing a piece on Charlie Hebdo for Serienett’s main site instead. I considered translating it into English and post it here, but decided it would be redundant. There is nothing I can tell an international audience about Charlie Hebdo magazine and the killing of the four comic creators that haven’t already been covered in every possible way by world media already. Until I can find an entirely new angle – like Charlie Hebdo’s Mohammed cartoons being translated into Norwegian, for instance – I will leave the matter be.  

That leaves me then, with my plans for this site in 2015:

1.      This blog will continue to post information about comic news from Norway, especially when I think it might be relevant and interesting to an international audience.

2.     However, I also want to see the bigger picture, and think of comics in a worldwide perspective. The record-high numbers from Diamond Comics distributors suggest that comics is far from dead in the market, maybe not even dying.

Star vs the Forces of Evil

3.      The blog won’t be exclusively and purely about comics, but also about related media. In fact, I have specific plans for that, including a review of the Star vs the Forces of Evil pilot episode and Big Hero 6 this month. American readers might wonder, if I wanted to review Big Hero 6, why didn’t I do it sooner?  Because it doesn’t actually premiere in Norway until late January.

4.      I will try and update this site at least once a week. I’m not going to lie, this resolution will be difficult to keep, but it’s a goal I really want to work towards.

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