søndag 11. mai 2014

Welcome, everybody!

I started this blog to satisfy the curiosity of friends abroad who are asking me about my website, SerienettSerienett., as you might have learned by now,  is Norway’s only regularly updated source on comic book news, and it's run by me

We don’t typically translate articles from Norwegian to English, as we do not have the time and manpower, and much of the information is only of interest to Norwegian readers anyway. However, I have decided to share some events and updates that might be of some interest to foreign readers. This blog will give you the essence of it. However, Serienett International  will also contain news and interesting tidbits that I've added especially for this blog. In other words, it will also contain new and unique material.  

Recent updates: Serienett has reviewed two new, Norwegian graphic novels this weekend: Håvard S. Johansen's Stumtjener ("Dumbwaiter") by me.

and Anna Fiske's Gruppa ("The [Therapy] Group), by Kristian Hellesund. 

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