søndag 11. mai 2014


This one has been online for a couple of weeks already, hence the early deadline. But I thought I'd share it here as well...

Serienett has been the leading Norwegian source for comic book news, reviews and interviews since 2006, but in all those years, we’ve never had our own logo. When I took over the management of the website, I was determined to do something about that!

Do you have an idea for an awesome logo with an unmistakable comic and cartoon feel to it? Use your imagination and any helping tools at your disposal. The only requirement is that obviously the word “Serienett” must be part of it. You can enter as many suggestions as you like.

The winner gets a cash prize of 500 Norwegian kroner (€ 60 or $ 84). If the winner lives outside Norway, they will receive the price money via PayPal, and the amount will be converted to whatever currency the winner chooses. 

Please send contributions to trosetre@frisurf.no 

The deadline is May the 16th, and the winner will be chosen by me in conference with my co-operatives at Serienett. 

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