onsdag 21. mai 2014


“I look around. You know what I see? Losers! But life’s giving us a chance.”
- Christ Pratt, Guardians of The Galaxy

Believe me, I was not planning on revisiting this subject again so quickly after last Thursday's post, but a new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer just came out, and although it was reusing some of the footage from the first, there’s a lot of new stuff to explore here.

So today I’ll be talking a little about the Guardians. While the first trailer was all about establishing the mood and the premise, the new trailer is about bonding. We get to see the guardians coming together as a team, and try to wrap their heads around the idea that have to be heroes. On the whole, there’s more character depth this time around, but the basic message that the trailer delivers is still the same: This movie is going to be fun. Not fun as a pure comedy, but fun as an adventure. To further add to the atmosphere, the trailer adds another classic one hit wonder song to the soundtrack. Last time it was Swedish pop veteran Björn Skifs’ “Hooked on a Feeling”, this time it’s Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”.   

Christ Pratt gets most of the lines, while Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel’s characters gets to talk for the first time. Glenn Close gets a brief appearance and one line. The bad guys still have no lines, but we get a slightly closer look at Ronan the Accuser. Ronan looks even more like Darth Vader than I thought at first, which might have been the idea, although Ronan made his debut ten years before the first Star Wars movie.

I’ve been meaning to read some of the Guardians comics, but haven’t gotten around to finish a full storyline. I expect to buy one or two volumes soon, for summer reading, and will try and say a few words about them before the movie premieres at August the1st. One thing that separates Guardians from other Marvel movies is that the comic itself is so new that it feels like it’s been developed simultaneously with the movie. Sure, the name of the comic is old, and so are many of the individual characters, but this particular premise is from 2008. At least that means I won’t have too many comic book volumes to choose from.

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